Bad Bergzabern




 The 103rd Infantry Division ("Cactus Division")



The 103rd Division broke through the Siegfried Line at Reisdorf, south-west of Bergzabern.
Within two days the German pillboxes were destroyed and the division passed by Bergzabern towards the Rhine river.

The route of the 409th Regiment
in March 1945

Walking the route of the 409th Regiment on the 21st of July 2019.

Rob Clark is researching the route of his grandfather 1Lt. George F. Hoaglin.
He was in 
103rd Infantry Division, 409th Regiment, 2d Battalion, Company G, 2nd Platoon.

The mayor of Birkenhördt Mr. Matthias Ackermann and his father took the opportunity to guide us along the exact route, the 409th took
from March 19th to 23rd. 









  • Matthias Ackermann
  • Rob Clark, Martin Galle at Westwallmuseum Bad Bergzabern
  • Former German artillery position at Birkenhördt
  • The 'Stairway to Heaven', where many German, later Americans used coming down the hill for first aid
  • A niche for ammo, dug by the Germans
  • Road leading to Birkenhördt
  • Former German Ani-Tank ditch
  • Route from Reisdorf to Birkenhördt
  • View toward Oberotterbach, 36th Division area
  • Birkenhördt
  • IMG_20190721_1307036
  • The dense Reisdorf forrest
  • The peace chapel at Birkenhördt
  • Rob claks guestbook entry at the chapel
  • Birkenhördt, 409th Infantry, 109th division WWII